The juicy teen pussy of Anelli

In this video we are rewarded with a close of of the juicy teen pussy belonging to the amazing Anelli.  Anelli is an incredible 18 year old curvy blonde from The United States and she is just so hot and sexual.  This video is so hot and sexy by the end of it you will have fallen in love!


Anelli starts the video laying on her back on the bed completely naked.  Her legs are closed at the moment so out eyes are immediately drawn to her sensational tits.  Just the right size, very firm and looking amazing with their pert nipples.


It is also  impossible not to comment on Anelli’s amazing long legs, flawless like all of her skin, and looking amazing.  Her blonde long hair, beautiful eyes and sensuous smile just add to her look of perfection. It is obvious that Anelli is very comfortable naked, and she knows that we are enjoying looking and admiring her.  This seems to move her mood towards something a little more naughty and she rolls from her side onto her back.


For the first time we are rewarded with a site of her juicy teen pussy, looking amazing and flawless like the rest of her.  She opens her legs more so we can see the mounds of her amazing cunt and her lips and pretty teen clit slightly protruding. Her hands wander between her legs and she begins to rub herself, the feeling so good it causes her to bite her lip.  She intensifies the rubbing, her lips parting to accommodate her finger sliding through.  She then parts her juicy teen pussy lips and the inside glistens with moistness.


This really is one amazing juicy teen pussy and Anelli and many of her friends have so much more to show us inside the Teen Dreams members area.


Length: 08:51

Video Added: 2

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Abelia eagerly sucks her man’s stiff cock

Sexy teen Abelia is eager and ready to fuck in this hot video but first she wants a chance to lick and stroke her man’s stiff cock. The clip starts with the pair already totally nude taking their pleasure in the hot summer sun. The exotic young brunette is on her back moaning in pleasure while her man licks and sucks on her hard little clit all the while sliding his skilled fingers in and out of her tight slit. Soon the gentle caressing isn’t enough for the horny babe and she sits up giving him a better angle and us a better view of her tanned firm body. Once again he slides his fingers back into her fuck hole, but this time her pounds her hard and fast giving her what she’s craving. Now and then he takes a moment to slide his hands over her perky delicious tits and the rest of her amazing body before returning to her sweet juicy pussy. Eventually Abelia wants to reward her man and so she has him sit so she can lift her petite feet up to his hardening cock. This teen is obviously not inexperienced despite her age and gives an amazing foot-job. Abelia is really eager to have his cock in her mouth though and after a few minutes she kneels down and takes him in her mouth, stroking and licking his shaft with total pleasure.

Length: 07:37

Video Added: 2

Bettina Di Capri shows off her hot teen ass

298 photos

The very sexy and beautiful Bettina Di Capri is posing for us today, her hot teen ass the focus of much of our attention.  She really is a very beautiful girl, with stunning long legs and a sensational figure, anyone lucky enough to see her is sure to be impressed and aroused.  In this picture set her sexy long legs are on view for everyone to see.  They are topped off by a pair of cute tight pink shorts that cover her sexy teen ass.  She also wears a loose fitting white top.

Bettina definitely knows the way to be a teen tease as she poses in the doorway, revealing a little extra flesh each time.  He best features, apart from her beautiful face, obviously, are her sensational long legs and her pert, cute teen ass, and those are what these pictures focus on.  She stretches out her long legs in front of her and also pulls up her top to show off her torso, but it is still the legs that thrill you.

Legs done, it is time for sexy Bettina Di Capri to share her fantastic teen ass with us.  She turns around and looks over her shoulder, knowing that her ass looks so good in the tight teen shorts, if only we could see more.  Well she rewards us for our patience, revealing more of her ass by pulling the shorts up, he cheeks now bulging out in what makes a sexy and sensational picture.  She continues in this way, her hands pulling the tight shorts further so they look like a pink thong against her teen ass.

Bettina really is a beautiful girl and she loves to share pictures with her admiring fans.  If you wish to see this picture shoot in full, and to see Bettina’s ass in all of its naked glory, then join us in the member’s area where you will be thrilled with what you find.

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Betty gets fucked on the couch

122 photos

Raven-haired teen Betty is so delicious–when I found out she had another photo set I couldn’t wait to see it. In this set Betty starts out on a couch dressed only in a little slinky shirt, white panties and knee-high socks. She is making out with her man who is clutching her amazing looking firm, rounded ass. Soon he peels up her shirt to reveal the toned sexy body and perfect pert tits underneath. Her nipples are incredible–juicy and suckable–like a hard cherry. Her man obviously thinks the same and soon bends his head to lick and kiss her boobs. This horny teen is already intensely aroused and comes down gracefully on all fours to pull out his already hard cock. As she licks and sucks him he bends down to pull at her pristine panties and soon is sliding them down her long flawless legs. He moves her on top of him and while she is still skillfully sucking his rock hard cock he spreads her pretty pink pussy lips and begins licking along her lips and over her clit. We get an amazing view of her tight little hole completely wet with arousal. After a short while of this they both can take no more and the young hottie slides his cock inside her wet fuck-hole in a reverse cow-girl position. They shift slightly and he starts fucking her from behind, driving her to an incredible climax. After she is sated he pulls out, shooting his cum all over her tight ass and wet slit.

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Bernice’s teen dildo show

Sexy teen Bernice has a new toy she’s can’t wait to play with and we are lucky enough to watch while she does so. The clip starts with the young hottie dressed only in tiny shorts and a white tank top. She shows off her long pink dildo for a moment, letting us wonder what she will do first. With a sensious smile she brings the toy to her lips and starts licking it up and down. Eager to show off her cock-sucking skills she then slides it into her mouth, taking in its length over and over as she thrusts it in and out. While she sucks on the toy she grasps the top of her shirt, sliding down first one strap, then the other until her beautiful pert tits are revealed. She basks in the feel of the warms sun on her flawless skin, still sucking on her pink toy. Her nipples are hard with arousal, and it’s not difficult to tell what this naughty teen would rather be doing. After a few moments she sets down her toy so she can finished getting undressed. It doesn’t take her long to finish removing her shirt, then sliding her shorts down her slim legs to reveal a delicious ass covered only with a little token thong. Soon even that is gone and the babe slides her hands down her slender body until she reaches her smooth tight pussy. Eager to make herself climax she starts fondling and rubbing her hard clit, thoroughly enjoying herself as we watch.

Length: 05:34

Video Added: 2

Tiffany Doll and her spread teen pussy

Wonderful sexy babe Tiffany Doll is showing us her spread teen pussy, but I think we are going to have to wait to see it.
The hot teen babe starts the shot wearing a pair of sexy shoes, a bright pink skirt and a white top.  She looks so happy with a delightful smile on her cute little face.

Her hands wander up to her pert breasts and she begins to move them in a circular motion, rubbing her cute tits and her concealed nipples.  Really she knows it is her spread teen pussy we desire but she is ready to tease us.  We get a little closer to our dream when her hands start to help her pink skirt up.  We get a great glimpse of one of her sexy ass cheeks as the hot babe ramps up the action.
She then sits down on the edge of the couch, giving us a sighting of her panties hidden up her skirt before she opens her legs, making it more than a glimpse.  She takes the skirt of and slips her hand over her panties.  Here she begins to rub herself, stimulating her now wet pussy.

She slips out of the top and her tits are magnificent, pert and sexy with cute little nipples, but we are still more interested in her spread teen pussy.  This gets closer as she starts to up the ante with some dirty little poses with her panties still on.

She slides the full white panties off, and just in her shoes, reveals her magnificent tight, bald teen pussy.  She lays back and puts her legs in the air, her hands reach down and we are finally rewarded with her spread teen pussy.

For more spread teen pussy then visit the members area of teen dreams, where all the hottest teen babes hang out.


Tiffany Doll

Length: 13:45

Video Added: 2

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Blue Angel stroking her tight pussy

110 photos

Blue Angel was aptly named – it is always heavenly to watch this teen babe and in this masturbation set she really outdoes herself. The gorgeous blond starts on the bed, turning her lithe body this way and that to show off her hotness from every angle. Although she really has the whole package, I have to admit it is really incredible to watch her tight little ass as she arches her back and raises it high in the air, showing off like a cat in heat. Although she is wearing only a white lacy bra and panties, even that minimal covering is too much for what the horny girl has in mind. With a suggestive look she eases off her clothes, starting first with her bra revealing puffy nipples just aching to be sucked. Soon her panties follow and we get full view of her incredible firm ass. Once she is totally naked the real fun begins. The sexy teen bends over and reaches her hands up to her tight smooth pussy. She slowly pushes two fingers into her wet pussy, crying out with pleasure while the other hand reaches up to stroke her hard clit. Blue Angel looks incredible – eyes closed in bliss as she finger-fucks herself harder and harder until she reaches an incredible orgasm. I can’t wait to see more from this hot young babe.

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Naked outdoor teen Layla takes a walk

149 photos

Naked outdoor teen Layla is making the most of some wonderful weather.  The sun beats down and the air is clean in the countryside, so she decides to talk a walk along a seldom used trail.  And it is a good job it is seldom used, because the hot 18 year old is taking this stroll her way.  She wears a pair of ankle boots and a long scarf, and nothing else!

That is right, she is showing the world all she has to offer, and when you see her, you will realize that this hot teen babe has lots and lots to offer.  Her legs are long and toned, carrying an almost flawless tan.  They arrive at her ass, which has to be seen to be believed.  It is round and firm, not muscly, just young and sexy.  Her pussy is clean shaven and as tight as you would expect for a girl of her tender years and her tits are sensational.  Firm and pert, yet they give a little wobble as she steps down on the stony trail.

But her nakedness only tells part of the story, because as well as coming out for a walk, the hot babe is also taking in the opportunity to strike a few poses for the camera.  These start very playful, with sexy glances over her shoulder and holding her scarf aloft.  These playful and fun poses really suit Layla and her great personality, but there is more to her, and she begins to show her sultry side.

Her hands slip down to her ass and the poses become a little more suggestive, then the suggestion turns to real horny action as she starts to play with her sexy tits, ensuring she pays special attention to her pert, erect nipples, squeezing them between her fingers.

Layla is a real beauty and loves to pose, see more of what she gets up to inside the members area.

Whitney Conroy’s amazing fingerbang

136 photos

Teen sex kitten Whitney loves to show off, but even more than that she loves to play with her pretty pussy. In this hot set the alluring young blond is relaxing on her couch, lounging in a little dress that shows off her long slim legs to perfection. Realizing she has an audience and loving the effect she has on those watching, teen Whitney can’t resist striking some poses. She slowly lifts the hem of her dress a bit, showing the full length of her slender legs before getting on her hands and knees to show off a tight ass that is only barely hidden by a black thong. Thankfully it isn’t long before horny Whitney lifts her dress completely off, sliding it up and over her smooth skin to reveal a pair of perfect pert tits – just the right size for fondling and sucking. The hot babe is now getting really aroused and soon she slides off her thong as well, relaxing back on the couch totally nude. She slides eager hands down her firm body until they reach her smooth pink pussy, stroking her pussy lips to reveal her tight slit, already glistening with pussy juices. She slides one finger back up to her mouth, tasting her sweet wetness before slowing working her fingers into her cum-hungry pussy to finger-fuck herself to an amazing climax.

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Amirah shares her hot teen ass

251 photos

Just from the picture above, you have got to admit that Amirah looks amazing.  Her hot teen ass and beautiful long legs, make this 18 year old girl next door type from the United States a real favourite with the members of Teen Dreams.  She has long brunette hair, piercing eyes and suck a sexy smile, she knows that most men will be putty in her hands.

In this brilliant picture set Amirah is dressed on a pink vest top, a very short white skirt and a pair of white high tops.  She looks sensational, a real dream and the look in her face tells us she knows this.  She looks like she could be anywhere in the USA, a real girl next door, not overdressed or staged in any way.  Her teen ass is just about covered by the skirt, in the style that many teen girls wear.  She poses outdoors for a number of shots in a walled garden, her long legs and sexy midriff on view for us all.

Then she begins to up the ante, her skirt slowly and seductively inched up to reveal more and more of her hot, sexy teen ass.  She is wearing a pretty white pair of panties that reveal themselves to be a thong at the back.  The more the skirt is ridden up, the better this hot babes ass looks until it is fully on show.   She shows us the front of the panties, giving us just a hint of her shaved pussy before completely removing the skirt.  She now knows that she holds complete power over us and that seems to turn her on.

There is much more to see of the amazing Amirah, her hot teen ass dissected by her white panties is only the start.  You can see the full picture set, including Amirah in all her glory by logging in to the teen dream members area, and with girls like Amirah, you won’t regret it!


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